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Shyamalee Murugesu

Hello ,

This comes a little late, nevertherless I had a wonderfull time at your poetry reading last year.It was the first time that I read a poem to a diverse audience all in all a great experience.Sorry that I did not have time to get to know you guys.The Spirit was written during the time I lived in Canada.The poem was a part of a book that I published in Sri Lanka.
I now live and work in Sri Lanka.I have some of my other work wonder if I could send them over.

Once again THANK YOU for the experience.



I know this incredible poet named Joe Campbell, who recently published a book that is on Barnes and Nobles sight titled, "My Soul Unbound". He has done quite well with the book, but is one of those shy, to them selves, types of people. His poetry is so incredible, yet he will do nothing to promote it. There are things in this book that need to be read and seen by a majority of the public, at least in my opinion. I know this sounds silly, but could anyone advise me on how to go about drawing some attention to this book. I just think it is a shame that such an incredible book, that was published by one of our own N.C. natives, recieved numerous raving reviews on Barnes and Nobles sight, as well as Amazon, is being overlooked because of someone being shy.

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